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Passing Out With Pleasure

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My Reputation

One thing I am known well for is for providing intense sessions.  That can center around a myriad of erotic topics.   In this posting I want to talk about intense guided masturbation, edging, teasing, cum eating sessions.  They are much on my mind tonight.  Possibly because they are . . . → Read More: Passing Out With Pleasure

The Scoop

My body…up close and personal

The Podcast Show

Mistress Jane and I have been co-hosting The Voyeur Window for two weeks now.  We already have a good base of regulars.  A fabulous group who show up to chat, call in, email us and generally add to the fun!  If you haven’t checked it . . . → Read More: The Scoop

Are You LDW's #1 Fan?



Miss Violet 800-601-6975


Loving LDW

Perhaps you recently discovered the world class Dominant Women of LDW.  Or maybe you call every month or so and long for your Mistress between calls.  It’s possible you may be one of the LDW regulars who have been calling us for years!  Either way, . . . → Read More: Number One Fun

Mistletoe Meeting

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Meant for Each Other

There is a reason we found each other.  Oh certainly you were seeking to be dominated and you went looking online.  But the very fact that you found me is a miracle in the vastness of cyberspace.  You managed to find a woman who is not . . . → Read More: Mistletoe Meeting

A Lovely Lube

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Something I inevitably end up discussing with my callers is…lube.  Which one is best for stroking your cock with.  And we all have our favorites, don’t we?  *smile*  Of course, Mother Nature’s own lubrication is best.  All of the manufactured concoctions simply do their best to duplicate it!  Some of . . . → Read More: A Lovely Lube