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What a Mistress Wants

Today, Ms Lena is guest writing for my blog.  Enjoy what this Mistress has to say!

You’ve heard that popular song, “What A Girl Wants”, right? I know you have. Well, mistresses want some things too. Let me be completely honest about what I want most as a mistress. The first thing I . . . → Read More: What a Mistress Wants

The Importance of Trust in a D/s Relationship

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This is Key

Without trust, the core of a relationship is hollow.  Trust in a D/s relationship is even more important.  Hear this…a relationship is a relationship.  So don’t be surprised that a D/s relationship depends on mutual trust, just like any other relationship.

The difference is that, in a . . . → Read More: The Importance of Trust in a D/s Relationship