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Welcome to the Community Kink Tour Bus. It is time for you to take a tour.  Your tour guide today will be Mistress Cecilia.  She can be reached via email at , or you can reach her via Yahoo Chat using the ID
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As your official Community Kink tour guide, Ms Cecilia will be taking you through the twisted backroads and dark alleys of our kinky little Internet neighborhood. Prepare to make stops at our Erotica website, Vox Erotic, our Cocktease and Denial portal, or perhaps you’d be interested in getting a little beauty touch-up at Sissy School, Sissyville or Femphone.  If you need help selecting a Mistress to chat with, Ms Cecilia can help you with that, or anything else you need assistance with during your stay.

take a tour with mistress cecilia 800-601-675

Mistress Cecilia

Our network features over 100 sites for your viewing pleasure. We realize this is a lot of stroking material for you to go through all on your own. To make the journey easier for you, Ms Cecilia will happily guide the way.
The Tour Is Free – So Why Not take a tour?

This tour is free of charge, and available to all visitors of our Website. In addition to using the contact information provided above, you can also call Ms Cecilia with general questions about our sites, or if you need help selecting a Mistress to chat with.

Let me know if there were any surprises for you.